Friday, February 4, 2011

Watch out world here I come

I was given a great article from Dan Hodgins. If you don't know Dan  he has done some wonderful presentations on Raising Boys.He is the coordinator of the Child Development program at Mott Community College. I heard  him speak here in the Copper Country on the Topic: Boys -Boys -Boys and while he was right on with the info he had us all rolling out of our seats in laughter.

He writes when asked about toddlers.  ...
Toddler Thinking:
 "If you are in my way I will simply move you." It means that toddlers are not mean or cruel just very egocentric.
More Toddler thinking
"I often think I am physically attaced to people I care about."
"Falling is common and it seeems to bother adults more than me."

He continues with "Toddlers are my favorite age groups. They Braille the world. They move, touch, taste everything. "
We should be so interesting.
For Information on Dan's presentation :What About Boys


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