Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brain Development

Scientists have demonstrated that 85 percent of the emotional and intellectual wiring of the brain is formed during the first three years of life. Children are born ready to learn and actually crave the positive stimulation that lets them do so.
Children develop much of their capacity for learning during their first three years.  How the brain develops hinges on a complex interplay between the genes you are born with and the experiences you have. Early interactions such as talking, singing and reading are all activities that promote brain development in young children.  While learning continues throughout the life cycle, there are “prime times’ for optimal development-periods during which the brain is good at certain types of learning. Proper nutrition, exercise, play and thoughtful interactions all promote brain growth. Play is an important part of young children’s development. Through play children explore their surroundings and learn. Being read to regularly promote later reading success.
Young children may be picky eaters or fussy about food, 70% of your brain is water, children need plenty of fluids, without caffeine and sugar and salt. 50% of a child’s calories go to brain function; a good breakfast with protein enhances learning. As a rule young children should go no longer than 3-4 hours between meals.
Constant stress can have a negative impact on brain development. Also exposure to certain drugs and chemicals during fetal development, like alcohol and second hand smoke, are harmful to baby’s brain.

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